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  • Karina Lee



Group ENHYPEN won two awards including their first at the 'Japan Gold Disc Awards'.

According to the list of winners the 'The JAPAN GOLD DISK AWARD 2022' announced by the Recording Association of Japan on March 14, ENHYPEN (Jungwon, Heeseung, J, Jake, Sunghoon, Seonwoo, Nicky) won two awards: 'New Artist of the Year' and 'Best 3 New Artists'.

ENHYPEN, who was the first to receive the award at the Japan Gold Disc Awards, which selects and awards singers and works that have contributed to the development of the record industry during the year, said, “We wanted to win both awards, ‘New Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best 3 New Artists’. “Thanks to ENGENEs, who always give us warm support, we were able to achieve such a good result. We will show you how we've have grown by working hard so that we can repay your love.”

ENHYPEN, received attention as they climbed the Oricon charts. Their debut album 'BORDER: DAY ONE', released in November 2020, topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart, and their 2nd mini album 'BORDER: CARNIVAL' released in April last year topped the Oricon Weekly Album Chart for two weeks in a row.

They officially debuted in Japan with their debut single 'BORDER: ?い' in July of last year, and with this single, they topped the Oricon Daily Singles Chart for 7 consecutive days immediately after release and then topped the Weekly Singles Chart. They also topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart, Weekly Album Chart, and Weekly Combined Album Ranking with their 1st full-length album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' released in Korea in October of the same year and their 1st full-length repackage album 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' released in January of the same year is receiving a lot of love from local Japanese fans.


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