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She not loyal.

Recently, the YouTube channel 'Sojang' shared a post alleging that a male idol was being clingy to a fan and was rejected by the fan.

The YouTube channel began by stating that there are numerous instances of fans becoming overly attached to their idols, and it is frequently the idols who reject fans. However, one male idol was caught being overly affectionate and clingy to a fan. The issue's male idol was allegedly DRIPPIN's Minseo.

The story came to light after the fan exposed Minseo's affectionate actions on a social media outlet and shared excerpts from the idol's Kakao talk conversations. According to the video, it was clear that DRIPPIN's Minseo had feelings for the fan because she was treated better than the other fans. Minseo would stand in front of her camera, allowing her to take closer photographs of him, allowing her to choose his outfits, and also opening up to her about the inner turmoils he had experienced following his debut. He even wrote her personal letters expressing his admiration for her.

The fan then shared additional conversations in which Minseo apologized and clarified that he had not been entertaining or conversing with other fans in response to this fan's post. It is assumed that the fan Minseo was treating special had written a post about how she believed he was entertaining other fans, and Minseo reached out to her to clear up the misunderstanding. He explained in the message he sent, "I'm sending you a Katalk in response to your post. Since February 20, Saturday at 8:21 PM, I have not spoken with any other fans. On March 19, 2021, someone messaged me, and all I asked was 'who are you?' I'm curious as to what occurred. Kindly read the following message.

However, that fan returned with, "I'm taken aback; I'm not interested in learning who you're speaking with, nor am I curious. I believe you have the wrong impression..." The fan cut him off and scolded him, claiming he had erroneously interpreted their relationship and believed it was more than it was.

However, the video's viewers believe otherwise. Indeed, they are defending Minseo, claiming that he appears to be a nice person and that the fan should not have exposed him in this manner on social media. Nonetheless, some internet users took issue with this and made various comments.

"Times must have changed," netizens observed. "I recall a time when you couldn't directly address the idols in my youth." "I suppose these kinds of things do occur," "Is there no longer a line? Are these idols simply contacting their fans in this manner?" and "This is absurd; idols should not contact their fans in this manner."

Several other internet users commented,

"I have the impression that he is a decent young man. He was concerned about the feelings of his fan." "It is acceptable to admire fans. I believe he was simply being polite. Minseo has my support!" "That is extremely irresponsible of the fan to publicly humiliate him in this manner. He must have sustained a great deal of pain ""He confided in her about his deepest fears, but she still exposed him, that's so cruel," "If he was born in 2002, he is so young that I will cheer for him when he comes out on television," "I believe he was simply being nice and affectionate to his fan; she was incorrect to post this on the web in this manner," "The fan who exposed him on social media is a cold-blooded individual," "I feel so bad for this idol; I hope he regains his confidence," and "I hope he was not harmed by this fan. There are more pleasant people in the world."

How do you feel about this?


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