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  • Juice Shin


The drama can't catch a break.

On the 'Snowdrop' episode 4, which aired on Christmas, is facing a new controversy.

On the aforementioned episode, Jung Hae In's character is seen using a Catholic Church as a meeting place.

Viewers were especially uncomfortable with the scene where the a confessional is used as a speaking place between characters.

This is due to prominent members of the church that were arrested or tortured in the fight for Democracy. Netizens wrote:

"This drama misrepresents so many parts of the democratic movement, from Jisoo's character's name to using a church, at this point it's on purpose"

"It seems they did this despite knowing"

"Do we need to reach out to the Vatican to cancel this?"

"They are the worst. They disrespect every sign of the democratic movement but then say it's just a drama."

"How much more do we have to wait, hurry up and cancel this."


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