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  • Mary Kim


Been years

Rapper Dok2, who had been arguing in court for a long time in regards to missed payment for goods with a certain jewelry company, is again in appeals court after losing the initial lawsuit.

According to legal circles, the Seoul Southern District Court No. 4-3 Civil Division (Appeal) recently decided to refer the case to mediation after a lawsuit was filed by Mr A.

The original lawsuit was judged for the plantiff ordering the rapper to pay some $30K dollars to Mr. A

It is noteworthy what conclusion the two sides will come to this time, who have entered the mediation again following the first trial.

On the other hand, following the mixtape release in January, Dok2 released a new solo song on his Instagram on February 16th, writing, "New single 'No Mavis' released on Saturday afternoon Korean time" along with the cover of the new song. He also resumed his singing activities by participating in a new song he collaborated with Suran.

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