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  • Cole Yoon

Dispatch Exposes Choi Young Ah Lied About Kim Seon Ho

The scandal keeps on scandaling|

Dispatch reveals that Choi Young Ah, the rumored ex of Kim Seon Ho, had lied just about everything in her original accusations. It is revealed that after the abortion, Kim had stayed with Choi for close to a year. That it was Choi who had issues and broke the trust in the relationship, that she had wronged Kim in the relationship. It also revealed that Choi Young Ah lied about her divorce status but Kim Seon Ho didn't care and still loved her. Dispatch also exposes Choi Young Ah for lying about Kim about not being happy about the pregnancy and not taking care of her after the abortion.

In all Choi Young Ah has been exposed as having lied about everything in her accusation... And that Choi had hoped to destroy Kim Seon Ho's career and have him come back to her.

Here are the receipts

text shows that Kim broke up with Choi because she was seeing other guys, that is plural because when confronted about cheating she confessed she was seeing a guy but this guy was a different man than the man Kim knew about.

Msg above is a msg that Choi Young Ah sent to Kim asking for forgiveness for cheating and overall being a scumbag.

Timeline in relationship, shows they had the abortion on July of 2020 and that they broke up in May of 2021.


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