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  • Cole Yoon

Disney + 'Running Man' Spin Off Criticized

"What are they thinking?"

Disney +'s 'Running Man' spin off is not off to a great start. The issue comes from an episode on the show where idols and the crew members played a game in which the idols needed to rip off name tags. Simple enough, however the controversy stems from the fact that the idol members are to wear a mask and can only reveal their faces when and if their name tags are ripped off. If the crew members don't rip the name tags of idol members in time, they would not be able to show their face on the show. Viewers criticized this as the idols are on the show but to not let them show their face during majority of the episode is counterintuitive. Also, many viewers felt that the show was exploiting the idols as the idols came from teams that weren't as popular and could benefit a lot from being on the shiow.


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