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  • Cole Yoon

Disney Plus Facing Major Backlash From Korean Netizens

Fire everybody...

Disney Plus' recent foray in the Korean streaming market has hit a major speed bump. Controvery is arising over the apparent lack of Korean skills the company employed for the new venture. There has been posts about awkward, almost nonsensical customer service interactions and impossible to understand Korean subtitles in Korean communities and K Netizens are not impressed. With the success of Netflix in Korea, this might be Disney[s worst nightmare. Fans are accusing the company of underestimating the Korean market and not developing the product fully before presenting it to the Korean market. As they often do, Koreans are taking the mistakes in subtitles and other blunders personally, calling it proof that Disney does not value the Korean market. We will wait and see if Disney can right the ship but for now it does not look good for the 'Happiest Stream on Earth".


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