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  • Cole Yoon



Disney+, which entered the Korean market last November, introduced two Korean original dramas and one entertainment series. The move renewed anticipation for Disney to quickly gain market share in Korea, largely in part to its Disney Classics and Pixar movies. However, despite the splendid lineup of the cast and crew, the results were underwhelming.

The 'Snowdrop' provocation has also played a part in dampening the welcome mat, domestically. Seeing how the response to its controversy left much to be desired, Disney+ being the only playback platform to host the drama, its guilt by association has hurt the platform's sentiment in Korea. Throw in Disney's baffling blunder of hiring the worst translators possible for their contents, the Disney hype train flattened out quickly.

More troubling however is that A-list actors and top production companies are also showing signs of indifference towards the platform. With NETFLIX seemingly taking all of its Korean actors to Hollywood, Disney+'s merits pale in comparison. Industry insiders are already reporting that labels and production houses are showing strong preferences for Netflix and domestic OTT platforms such as TVing, which produced 2021 sleeper hit of the year 'Drink Now, Work Later', over Disney+.

Whether Disney+ will be able to reverse their fortunes is to be seen.

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