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  • Cole Yoon

'Cocoa N Butter's 'ZSun' Exposed By Former Student

This does not bode well for her...

Cocoa N Butter's ZSun is facing allegations that she exploited a former student. Today the alleged victimn uploaded a post on a community where she says she was a student of ZSun and eventually joined her crew. The two then went on a trip to Jamaica to learn the dances there. However the student says she was treated more like a servant, having to handwash Z's clothes and even underwear and even Z's boyfriend's underwear. The student says the month long trip was so traumatic since Z would yell and scold her for every minute thing that when she returned to Seoul, she gave up dancing all together leaving the crew.

Netizens are furious and have begun terrorizing Z's SNS.. stay tuned for updates..


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