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  • Mary Kim


Are you looking forward to it?

According to media reports on March 10, 'My Teenage Girl', winning group CLASS:y, will be making their debut in April as well as hold a concert for fans.

To concentrate on their preparations for their April official debut, CLASS:y will decline all love requests for variety shows, magazine features, and advertisements. The group's schedule is currently packed with various preparations for completing the debut album by the deadline, as well as practice for the upcoming 'My Teenage Girl' fan concert.

The special concert, which will also take place in April, will feature the show's top 14 contestants. Additionally, this will be CLASS:first y's official in-person event with fans since their debut.

Meanwhile, Won Jimin, Myung Hyungseo, Yoon Chaewon, Hong Hyeju, Kim Riwon, Park Boeun, and Kim Seonyou are among the top seven winners of MBC's 'My Teenage Girl.'

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