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  • Cole Yoon


How cool? Chungha cool.

Queen Chungha's cool response to Chinese haters terrorizing her IG is going viral.

On February 20, the singer took to BUBBLE to respond to fans worried about Chinese haters' comment bombing on her IG for wearing a Hanbok.

Chungha: What are you guys doing!!!

Chungha: I heard you guys are worried I got my IG comment bombed lol

Chungha: I only found out cause of you, I don't use my computer much so I didn't know lol

Chungha: LOL tell them (Chinese haters) I said thanks for the attention... When will I ever receive this much attention again...

Netizens reacted saying:

"Chungha wearing a hanbok is so cool, her vibes are crazyㅜ", "She didn't do anything wrong but the Chinese just hating, I'm glad she doesn't seem fazed though", "Love her", "I'm glad she's not affected", "Why is a Korean getting cursed by the Chinese for wearing a Hanbok? The Chinese are like the plague", "Love Chunga's healthy mindset, please keep wearing the hanbok", "Don't even look at the JJANGKAE (derogatory term for Chinese), "The JJANGKAE are like cockroaches wish they..."


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