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  • Cole Yoon

Chungha Fans Are Pissed At 2021 MAMA SNUB

Do you feel Chungha was robbed?

The 2021 MAMA nominees were announced which means all fans were happy with the nominees and felt MNET did a great job... not. One of the largest fandoms to voice their frustration with MNET was Chungha's snub in all categories. That's right, ChungHa who seemed everywhere in 2021 had 0 Nominees. A fan below tweet sums it up perfectly.

That is a lot of good music and incredible choreography and a lot of music videos to get 0 nominees. Another fan wrote perhaps the best answer.

One of the most consistent criticism of MNET and MAMA was being fair. Today, to some, that fault is glaringly obvious.

What do you think? Does the snub make sense for you?


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