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  • Karina Lee


ARMY where you at?!

RM is being attacked by Chinese netizens for supporting team Korea in the Olympics.

RM on February 7 uploaded an image on his IG story of Olympian Hwang Dae Heon in 'Short Track Men's 1000m', he uploaded the pictures captioned with an applause emoticon.

The Olympian on this day competed in the 1000m only to be disqualified due to officiating that was beyond suspect.

After the post, Chinese netizens attacked RM on his IG before moving on to attack BTS' group IG account as well.

However, all is not lost as BTS' 'ARMY' have arrived, they have since been at war with the throw-up emoticon, battling with purple hearts.

Korea has also decided to officially appeal the officiating with CAS an international sports arbitration board.


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