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  • Cole Yoon

#CANCELED Kim Seon Ho Gets Dropped From Movies, CF's and Endorsements

Will he ever come back from this?

Kim Seon Ho is not having a good day. Earlier today, he was dropped from '1 Night 2 Days' and now reports are saying he will be dropped from movies 'Dog Days' and 'Date at Two in the Afternoon' while movie 'Tristes Tropiques' is debating whether or not to drop him. If anybody is keeping score that is 1 Nationally syndicated television program, 2 Movies, possibly 3 movies that he is getting cut from. What's most problematic though are the endorsement cancellations. Usually endorsement contracts have a clause where if the model does anything detrimental to affect his or the business' image, the business can sue for twice the original amount. As earlier reported Kim is said to believe to have filmed for at least 5 endorsements... this all does not add up to anything good.

Also there has been reports that Kim's ex GF is a public personality and is now businesswoman. Well we got the real deal Holifield and trust us, businesswoman is a very lose translation. But more on that coming soon!


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