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He said it was 'Dynamite'! Get it?

RM, the leader of BTS, responded to South Korean Olympic speed skater Kwak Yoon Gy dancing to BTS's chart-topping music "Dynamite."

On February 17 KST, RM shared Olympic speed skater Kwang Yoon Gy's happy dance to BTS's "Dynamite," following his silver medal in the men's 5000 meter relay for short track at the '2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Additionally, RM wrote, "I viewed [your] 'Dynamite' well, Mr. Yoon Gy." RM then inserted a small joke, requesting that fans help fellow member SUGA as well, writing, "Please also look after our Yoongi hyung."

When speed skater Kwak Yoon Gy saw RM's message during his livestream, he expressed his enthusiasm, bringing a smile to many faces with their nice engagement.

Some netizens remarked on Kwak Yoon Gy's reaction to seeing RM's mention: "[Kwak Yoon Gy's] real-time reaction [to RM's narrative] is ridiculous Loll."

"What on earth is this? "How come they're so adorable?"
"The two of them should simply collaborate on a webcast."
"Everything improved when I saw Kwang Yoon Gy smiling."
"Seeing [his reaction] in a gif makes it all the more amusing Lolll."
"He's so adorable, Lolll."
'It's good to see him so content Lolll So adorable."
"He's overjoyed, Lolll."
"[Kwak Yoon Gy] is brimming with excitement Lollll."
"That is a genuine response Lolll He appears to be in a good mood, Loll."
"Lolll, he is such a fan."


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