• Cole Yoon


First pajamas then masks...

With the ever presence of COVID19 wrecking havoc internationally, masks have become an important commodity in Korea. More so now than ever, fans are therefore puzzled at HYBE's decision to sell BTS masks for EST $245.00. Although it seems the masks were not made with BTS' input nor even from HYBE but a separate mask company that bought merchandising rights, BTS seems to be caught in the crosshairs.

A post was uploaded on Korea's largest online community speaking of this, we will translate the title and post contents:

Title: There is an idol selling masks for $250.00

It is BTS

56 masks for 245,000 KRW (EST $245.00)

Are they trying to use COVID to make money?

Do they see their fans as suckers?

If they so shamelessly sell at these prices of course the members will be criticized

And why are their fans trying to act like this is normal? Are they a bunch of suckers?

(Netizen's reaction below)

"I'd be too embarrassed to wear that outside"

"They are losing all their Korean fans anyways, international fans will probably buy it"

"The members are getting older and losing their brand appeal, better make the money while they can"

"The masks aren't from HYBE, it is from a different company that bought licensing right of BTS for these masks. "

"Don't drag BTS into this, go yell at HYBE or the mask company"

"ARMY is smarter than to just go buy whatever has BTS written on it. There are many of us who is sick of HYBE trying to commercialize so stop acting like you care about our wallets when you just want to attack BTS."

"Someone needs to teach Big Hit a lesson, they just see fans as money"

"They aren't even pretty"

"Of all things, they shouldn't be marking up the price of masks"

"Just a bunch of suckers are left in ARMY, their prices on all their goods are just evil"

What do you guys think of this situation? Is it fair to fault BTS or even HYBE if the mask company has autonomy of the prices of their masks? Or should HYBE be more careful about licensing out the group's image and likeness and protect their brand equity? What do you guys think?