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  • Cole Yoon


"The rap line has to literally make it obvious they aren't lipsyncing"

We all know that BTS are straight killers on stage but have you ever listened to their performances live? People think they know but have no idea. Remember when BTS first performed for American audiences and everyone alleged that the boys were lip-syncing? Korean concert goers who watched BTS for the first time had a similar response.

Netizens wrote:

"Guys, like they are so good, it is crazy. They bring a different energy from the recorded tracks but it's so good"

"I first thought they were legit lip-syncing, they are that good"

"I'm so envious, I want to listen to them live as well"

"They are so good that the rap line has to make it obvious they aren't lipsyncing"

"I don't usually comment but these guys are amazing, they are about to die when talking to fans but when the music comes on, their energy is just amazing. And every set and every design is so thoughtfully carried out, the performance is really a great show"

"Love their live performances, their voices when singing live is my favorite"

Singing while dancing is one of the hardest things to do, and to be able to do it well as the boys do it, means hundreds if not thousands of hours were spent in the practice room.


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