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  • Cole Yoon

#BREAKING Is this Kim Seon Ho's Rumored Ex Girlfriend?

Korean netizens' rumors say yes

Oct 21-Seoul,Korea's internet, fastest in the world, almost broke when Kim Seon Ho's ex girlfriends' identity was rumored to be released. The original poster confirmed that she was doxxed by threatening legal recourse. So according to the internet sleuths, who is Kim Seon Ho's girlfriend? Rumors are rampant that she is an ex YTN weather anchor, Choi Young Ah. She (37) was a YTN new weather anchor in 2009 for YTN before moving to KBS in 2010 before retiring in 2013. She was married for 17 months before divorcing. Specifics regarding her past marriage is obscure other than that she married a business man 4 years her senior.


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