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  • Cole Yoon

BREAKING: 'COOL's Lee Jae Hoon Rumored To Be Reason Kim Seon Ho Broke Up With Choi Young Ah

This is getting Crazy

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, provided new evidence that may suggest that kpop veteran Lee Jae Hoon is the reason why Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah broke up. Lee Jin Ho, a journalist in Korea provided a video showing Choi Young Ah out at a Karaoke establishment with Lee Jae Hoon. In the video Choi seems to be drunk and having a good time but the problem is the timing. As we know Kim Seon Ho sent a text message to a friend saying he broke up with Choi for going out with men without him knowing, well the video with Lee Jae Hoon was filmed right before that. YIKES.

Video provided below, NO ENG SUB


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