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  • Cole Yoon

#Boycott This Hotel is Canceled For Firing Their Janitors For Not Being Fluent In 3 Languages

I won't ever give this hotel my money

This hotel pictured above is the Sejong Hotel in Myung Dong, Seoul. The neighborhood was a favorite to tourists before the pandemic and was once the most expensive commercial buildings to own or to lease. As tourist goes the money follows and so amongst the Ritz Carlton's, Hyatt's, and the Hilton's expanding the Myung Dong's city line, the Sejong Hotel plays its' role as modest hospitality. The 80's Trump-esque gold portico, the yellowish malaise of the building itself adorned by linen window coverings would all be charming if it weren't for the idiots that run this place inside.

October 18, it has been reported that Sejong Hotel have and will continue to fire janitorial staff for not being able to speak English. And those that have passed the English test now will have to take pass either a test in Chinese or Japanese. So to be able to scrub toilets at this hotel employees will have to be able to speak 3 languages. I bet the owners couldn't even speak two. If this was the front desk or even then, a managerial or supervisor position, maybe then it might be understandable but to fire hard workers usually in their advanced years who brush and wash for a living for not speaking a foreign language is just insane.

What are your thoughts?


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