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  • Mary Kim


Boom, the television personality, will marry this year!

Boom's agency, SKY E&M, released an official statement on March 10 KST announcing that Boom will marry his fiancée this April.

The following is an excerpt from SKY E&M's official statement:

"Hello. This is SKY E&M. Boom's wedding will take place in Seoul on April 9 KST.

[Boom] had known his fiancé as an acquaintance for a long period of time, and they developed a romantic relationship naturally as a result of their mutual understanding and communication. He ultimately decided to marry her because he was convinced she was the ideal partner for him both before and after marriage.

Due to the fact that it is a time when everyone must exercise caution, [Boom] intends to hold the wedding privately with close friends and family. We appreciate your understanding, as we are unable to reveal additional information about the bride-to-be due to her non-celebrity status.

We respectfully request that you send your warmest wishes and encouragement for the future of the two individuals who are sharing a unique and priceless beginning in their lives. [Boom] will demonstrate a more mature side of himself during more responsible broadcasts.

Many thanks."


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