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  • Juice Shin



On the 18th, Bona released several stills for the April issue of fashion magazine 'Elle'. Kim Ji-Yeon (Bona), who is playing 'Go Yu-rim' on the tvN Saturday drama 'Twenty-Five Twenty One' spoke about her new role and the great response from viewers.

Bona portrays a subtle and sophisticated atmosphere with a black and white contrast. She presents a sensual pictorial with restrained poses and expressions using the fencing equipment Yurim used in "Twenty-five Twenty One". Bona's gaze into the camera is particularly stunning.

In the interview after filming, Jiyeon Kim (Bona) said, “At first, I was known as a ‘person without tears’. But I keep crying even in scenes where I shouldn't cry on set. I didn't know I was such a teary person. It's amazing to see myself and the various emotions that come out without me knowing," she stated.

When asked about the meaning of youth in the drama, she revealed, "'Twenty-five-twenty one' causes my memories to be manipulated. It feels as if the story really has happened to me in real life."

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