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  • Karina Lee


The new year is looking to be YG's biggest ever.

YG stock is expected to 'moon' very soon. 

Anticipating the comebacks of the label's largest music acts, on the 28th, Shinhan Investment Researcher Ji In Hae announced a new target price of 89,000 KRW (74 USD) and a buy rating for YG Entertainment stock.

On the previous trading day, the 25th, YG Entertainment's stock price closed at 64,800 KRW (54 USD). 

According to Ji, "YG Entertainment will continue to grow at a rapid pace thanks in large part to the full activities of its international acts.

Big Bang will resume promotions and is still considered one of KPOP's biggest acts.  "We are looking forward to Japan-centered activities that can exert the greatest influence in comparison to Korea," researcher Ji explained. Additionally, the researcher stated that BLACKPINK, a global girl group, will make a comeback this summer.

BLACKPINK's comeback was originally scheduled for the fourth quarter of last year but was postponed so the girl group could complete a global tour.

Not only are Big Bang and BLACKPINK making comebacks this year, but the six-member boy group iKON will also begin activities in the second quarter.

TREASURE will also conduct a hybrid performance beginning in April, combining offline and online elements, and is preparing for a second comeback in the second half of the year.

Additionally, YG Entertainment intends to debut a new girl group this year.

In 2022, YG Entertainment is expected to generate consolidated revenue of 491.5 billion KRW (408 million USD) and operating profit of 70.7 billion KRW (58.8 million USD). Sales increased 38.2 percent and operating profit increased 39.9 percent, respectively, compared to 2021.

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