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  • Cole Yoon

BJ Streamer Suspected To Have Intercourse With Fan While Live Streaming

They are all banned.

An incident on a Korean live stream platform involving a female live streamer is causing an uproar in Korea. Female Streamer A started her live stream with fan B and another man C at B's house. The content they were filming was a Sool Bang (Mukbang but with alchohol instead). After drinking a good amount the streamer A and male C go into a room and in the stream viewers can hear the door locking, all while B was still filming.

However as B was streaming alone, viewers could hear moaning and erotic sounds coming from the room. Fan B was distraught and even shed a tear, he then got the camera and took it into the room forcing it open to see the livestreamer inside the covers while her underwear was filmed off the bed. She realizes that he had been livestreaming the whole time and hurriedly turns the stream off.

The streamer has since deleted her stream.


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