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  • Cole Yoon

BE'O X SONG MINO Hit With Plagiarism Accusations

This is not a good look for both.

Rapper BE'O has been on a meteoric ride to the top of the music industry through his exploits on this season's 'Show Me The Money' but all that seems to be coming to a halt due to allegations of plagiarism.

The song in question is BE'O x Song Mino's Limousine. First heard on the show the song quickly earned top spots on the charts beating titans like IU and Twice. However today an artist by name of 'Life of Hojj' uploaded on his IG a post accusing the two artists of plagiarising his 2019 song Sunday.

Fans are saying that the charges are obvious as the songs are extremely similar in chords and guitar sampling. Producers Gray and BE'O have yet to comment. Mino who is also featured on the song has yet to comment as well.

Take a listen to the songs below and see if the plagiarizing accusations are warranted.

BE'O X Mino Limousine Prod. by Gray

Life of Hojj's 'Monday'

BE'O has been a center of a lot of attention as he is alleged to be ITZY member Lia's EX


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