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  • Karina Lee



It was reported that the two children of Taiwanese actress Seo Hee-won welcomed the news of their mother's remarriage.

On the 8th (local time), Taiwanese media ETtoday reported, "Barbie Hsu's 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son knew in advance that she and DJ KOO were getting married. They showed a very happy response." Taiwanese fans were suspicious that her family was opposed to the marriage, but her family explained that they were blessing her marriage.

On the same day, DJ KOO posted on his Instagram, "I'm trying to continue the love I have with the woman I loved 20 years ago. We were able to reconnect," he said, and announced that he would marry the Taiwanese actor.

DJ KOO stated, "I couldn't waste the time that had already passed, so I proposed marriage, and she accepted it and decided to live with her only after registering the marriage. " he said.

Barbie Hsu, who is 7 years younger than DJ KOO, who will turn 53 this year, gained popularity as the main character of the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers,” “Meteor Garden,” as San Chai. She also appeared in the movies 'Sword Woo Kang-ho' and 'Future Police X'.

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