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  • Mary Kim


KANYE you watching?

The ex-husband of Taiwanese actor Barbie Hsu, who is married to singer Gu Joon Yup, posted a message wishing the two of them happiness.

The ex-husband, Wang Xiao-fei, told Weibo on the 12th, "Everyone has started a new life. I wish Xu Shi Yuan (Barbie Hsu) happiness." This is the first time that Wang Xiaofei has made an official statement about the marriage of his ex wife.

Xiaofei Wang is a second-generation Chinese conglomerate. Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiao Fei in 2010, and she divorced in 2021. They have an 8-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son.

Wang Xiao-fei denied local reports that he and Barbie's divorce was due to an affair. "My divorce has nothing to do with anyone," he said. Previously, the local media had raised rumors of an affair between the two by releasing a photo of Chinese actor Zhang Ying-ying in and out of Wang Xiaofei's house after the divorce.

On the other hand, on the 8th, on Instagram, DJ KOO announced the news of marriage with Barbie, saying, "I want to continue the love that she has tied me to the woman I loved 20 years ago." He said, "When I heard the news of her divorce, I found and contacted her number from 20 years ago, and fortunately, it was the same number, so we were able to connect again." The couple made news after they announced that they decided to live together only after registering the marriage.


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