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  • Karina Lee


Just hurts you know?

Picture: Elle Korea

The backlash from Son Naeun missing group promotions is reaching a fever pitch. With news that APINK Bomi has apologized before Naeun making waves, Netizens are all but done with the actress.

In a post on January 18, posted on Korea's largest online community, a netizen wrote:

"It's dumbfounding that even though she knows the controversy is over her, that a different member apologizes before she does lol"

Fans were quick to comment saying:

"It hurts so much and I'm so disappointed. The fact that the one sitting out isn't saying anything and other members who know our pain are apologizing for her is bringing tears to my eyes. If Son Naeun apologized I would have said alright let's see next promotion but a different member apologizes first.. lol"

"It's too late even if she does apologize"

"'Naeun please don't disappoint us anymore, you must be surprised since this the first time fans are like this, right? Did you think we would just let it go? If you were good to us we wouldn't be like this but you move agencies and the first comeback you pull this. Even if you could've would you have participated in promotions? We thought you would be different but you are just hiding behind your label and making other members apologize on your behalf."

"She must have been shocked to see her fans react like this.. lol They all have understood her until now, covering her and shielding her even though she had a bad attitude, going nuts if anybody said anything bad about her lol

"When Son Naeun signed with YG I wrote that she must not want to be in APINK anymore and got downvoted by APINK fans lol. Logically she's in another label and has ambitions as an actress, do you think it's going to be easy for her to do idol promotions?

"I can't justify this anymore. For 10 years I was a fan and now I regret all of it. I'm so hurt and the fact that she's affecting the other members make me hate her even more."


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