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  • Cole Yoon


Umm that's awkward?

Eunji says she was prohibited from wearing lipstick at A Pink's debut.

Sunhwa, Eunji, and Lee Sun Bin discussed their debut days on the February 25th episode of 'City Women of Mountain Climbers,' and the A Pink member expressed, "During the early years of A Pink, something was prohibited. I was curious as to why something like this was prohibited, and I was also curious as to why I was prohibited from participating."

Sunhwa and Lee Sun Bin were stumped, identifying dialects, cellphones, combs, and mirrors. Finally, Eunji revealed, "I'm a member of A Pink, but I'm not allowed to wear pink lipstick. It was a pale pink color that looked awful on me. It was a pale pink that bordered on white."

In other news, A Pink recently returned with the single "Dilemma."

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