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  • Cole Yoon

#ANOTHERONE Netflix's 'My Name' Positioned To Be The Next Megahit

Korean dramas and films are on a hell of a run. From Netflix's 'Kingdom' to zombie thriller 'Sweet Home', Academy Award winning 'Parasite' to the most watched Netflix series of all time 'Squid Game', Korea is taking it's leading role as Asia's cultural export leader and launching itself to the moon with it. Well there might be another series to be added to the list. Netflix series 'My Name' features Han Shoe and is a 'Kill Bill' Tarantino-esque gory action series about a revengeful daughter joining the criminal world to avenge her father. Led by the drop dead talents of Han So Hee who got BROLIC for the series gaining 10kg (22LBS) of muscle for her role, this series is definitely one to put on your list.


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