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  • Cole Yoon

BREAKING: An Influencer Says He Is Being Threatened By 'Singer J'

Another day, Another scandal

Oct 29, a post on an online community is going viral in Korea. In the post a man identifying himself as an influencer with 100k followers on his SNS is currently being threatened by a singer identified as 'J'. According to the post, the male influencer was contacted via dm by the singer and they were able to film and collaborate on music. The two eventually became intimate but the male insists they were never officially exclusive to one another. The two would frequently hook up, and the male poster would go to the singer whenever she would ask him to.

Trouble started according to the male poster when he confided in a friend 'L'. Turns out 'L' and 'J' were acquaintances and 'J' soon after found out that the poster had spoken about their relationship. Ever since then the poster alleges 'J' has been threatening to sue for sexual assault and that she has been telling people around him that he was a fraud and a predator.

The influencer later goes on to say that he will go sue Singer 'J' . As of this writing, a file has been uploaded on YouTube that alleges is a voice recording of singer 'J' threatening the poster.

In the video the woman is saying that the influencer is making her want to sue and press charges. She claims she wasn't in the right mind when they hooked up and she feels he raped her. The male disagrees.

Sorry no ENG SUBS.


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