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  • Cole Yoon


Took it back all the way to the 90's.

AESPA has finally dropped their long awaited remix of S.E.S.'s original 'Dreams Come True'.

The song was a collaborative effort between the fourth generation heavy weights and long SM veteran BoA. The original singers of the song were also SM artists, legendary S.E.S.

S.E.S. was the femme leader of Kpop's first generation with Lee Hyo Ri's FINKL being the only remotely close rival but S.E.S. dominated their competition in charts. Consisting of members Eugene (Yoojin), who is known as the most beautiful SM idol of all time, BADA, and Shoo, the ladies are in large part the reason why girl groups are so popular in Korea, and now all over the world.

Check out the MV above, does Aespa do their sunbaes prowd? How does it stack with the original song below?

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