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What are your thoughts?

Fresh off the controversy over China claiming Korean Culture as theirs, during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, AESPA member is catching heat for supporting CHINA during the Olympics and publicly celebrating the country's gold medals.

Ningning on bubble wrote, "Our country's athletes are so amazing, while watching I feel all the athletes around the world are doing their best, hwaiting!"

In an online community, netizens did not hold back their disdain for the country and the AESPA member writing:

NINGNING read the room lol What are you doing when Korea's disdain for China is at an all-time high? I'm not sure if she's aware of China trying to take Hanbok and Kimchee as theirs.
Even after all the Chinese Kpop idols stabbing us in the back lol
I bet my wrist that she's going to leave for China
So short-sighted
NINGNING's cute and pretty but I'm not a fan due to her being Chinese. She'll also leave for China in 6 years anyway lol Then AESPA will be a 3 member group or dissolve, I wish they don't debut Chinese members
If you're going to China, go now, really don't want to see you
Really hate the Chinese
No matter I hate Chinese members
Stop using Chinese members
Ningning is so cute
Let's stop using Chinese and Japanese members
Is someone trying to curse her out on purpose? Why don't you guys attack male idols that supported the Hong Kong police? I feel there is a conspiracy here
The Chinese smell go back to your country


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