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  • Juice Shin


The controversy shows no sign of letting up.

JTBC's 'Snowdrop' controversy is now affecting the careers of its actors. Yoo In Na who is appearing in both drama and as a narrator for historical documentary series is under fire for her her role in the drama.

KBS reported on the 28th that actress Yoo In Na has lended her voice for 'UHD Historical Special - The Museum Is Alive', a historical documentary that the actress was slated to narrate. However netizens were not pleased at the news and immediately called for the actress to step down. Netizens are stating that a cast member of a drama at the heart of a controversy over revising history, narrating history is not appropriate.

Calls for the actress to step down was immediate. In the comment section of the documentary netizens flocked asking for the actress to be replaced, some even going far as demanding the documentary to be canceled all together.

Comments include, "A history revisionist should not go near a historical program", "Is KBS not astute to history as well?", "Actors who have no sense of history should be ashamed of themselves", and "there is a limit to being thick skinned." among others.


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