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  • Juice Shin


The lawsuit claims the animal's current state of well being can't be confirmed.

Actress Lee Chae Young who is currently embroiled in controversy over her two adopted cats has been sued by the adopting agency from where the actress adopted the animals. The suit is asking for the animals to be returned.

On January 19, it has been reported that the agency claims the actress has failed to produce evidence of the animal's well being. When pressed for proof, the actress claimed that her agency at the time was preventing her from releasing it: The now former agency of the actress denied ever barring the actress from releasing such info saying they wouldn't be trespassing into an artists' personal life as thus.

Eventually, the actress sent photos to the animal agency suing her, with photos of her cats. However concerning is the fact that the animals seem to be different from the ones the actress originally adopted. An animals expert claims, although DNA tests has to be conducted to know for sure, he is 99% sure that the animals in the picture are different from the ones that the actress adopted.


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