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Sorry, I tend not to be about that life after all.

In the States we say that it's the nice ones you need to watch out for when mad, and it may also be true in Korea, at least according to netizens.

In a post on Korea's largest online community a poster claimed that girls like Kyungri, NANA, NO:ZE and Han Ye Seul are not strong mentally. However, girls like Park Bo Young and CHUU are usually the strongest mentally. The reason the poster gives is, that girls who like Kyungri and NANA, look scary so nobody messed with them however when you look like Park Bo Young and Chuu, people would have picked on them their whole lives since they look so nice. There fore the netizen claims CHUU and Park Bo Young probably had to defend themselves their whole lives.

Netizen reactions below!

Netizens reacted to the post saying,

Don't know if it is true but Park Bo Young and Chuu look really strong mentally
Isn't NANA strong too? She was a school bully lol
Chuu does look super strong lol
Girls like NANA look super strong so people are usually afraid of them and are walking on ice around them whereas girls like Chuu look so nice that people will ask her for things they wouldn't ask other people so Chuu probably have learned how to stick up for herself
OP isn't saying the celebrities themselves are weak but that people with that type of look are weak, why is everybody so serious about this?
That is why I was shocked to see Shin Jiyeon from Single's Inferno was the strongest mentally.

What do you think, do you agree?


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