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  • Juice Shin

A*Pink Chorong Acquitted Of Bullying Charges ... Netizens React

This is the result of a 7 month long investigation..

Today news media outlets in Korea reported that the original accuser of Apink Chorong, of school bullying was arrested for libel as well as black mail and defamation. Through Chorong's lawyer she provided a statement saying "that after a 7 month long investigation police have found that the accusations towards Chorong to be unfounded and have strong evidence that the accuser forged information to journalists and made attempts to blackmail Chorong for money."

Chorong was accused of bullying a former classmate this past March, Korean netizens are pouring love and support for Chorong who was very well almost canceled by these allegations. Chorong's promotions have shrunk drastically since the allegations and many insiders pointed that if true, it could have meant the end for A*pink. As a panda myself, I hope Chorong can heal and the accuser get everything that is coming to her.


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