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  • Cole Yoon


Everybody surprised, that she wasn't surprised.

Jeon Soyeon is an anomaly in KPOP, where beauty is often rewarded over skill and personality takes a back seat to polished artificiality. The tiny rapper-singer-producer-dancer-engineer-leader of one of KPOP's premier girl group has blossomed from a 'Produce 101' contestant to her rightful place on the precipice of a whole music genre. This is an ode to the Queen and embodiment of why we love KPOP so much. Here are 7 times when she shook the KPOP world.

1. Produce 101 'Turtle Ship'

Soyeon was highly touted within the industry even before appearing on Produce 101. Known as the prize of 'Cube Entertainment' even as a trainee, her honed skills as a rapper and performer are shown on full display in her performance of 'Turtle Ship'. She satirically addresses the hate she had received for her looks rapping, "You guys only care about the pretty girl next to me anyways", if that's not queen ish, then I don't know what is.

2. 'My Teenage Girl'

Credibility and integrity are two character traits judges must have. On 'My Teenage Girl' Soyeon shocked viewers of the audition program when she came equipped with both and more. Her honest feedback and criticism of both show and viewers voting brought her instant credibility with viewers. As an idol who are often criticized for being too opinionated, Soyeon was a breath of fresh air.

3. Unpretty Rap Star

Soyeon is a bonafide rapper, don't believe me, check the battle above between Soyeon and Coolkid. Have you ever seen an idol catching a body? You have now.

4. Bad Bitch Number

Idol rappers get a bad rap in Korea. Puns aside, often rappers in KPOP are seen as a novelty even being labeled as singers who can't sing. So what would you expect when you put an 'idol' rapper on a cypher with two of the hottest rappers (Lee Young Ji and BIBI)? How about Soyeon murking both of them? Soyeon did more than hold her own against the rappers, she wiped the mic with them. Body count is 3, if you're counting.


Fans forget when (G)I-DLE first was announced to be competing against groups like MAMAMOO and sunbaes like PARK BOM, the group was written off as MNET giving them a spot they didn't deserve. All that noise was silenced as soon the group's first performance on the show. The performance is called legendary for a reason, watch the moment (G)I-DLE became untouchable.


'I Never Die', left the whole industry shaking in their boots as she not only went after alleged ex-boyfriend Changmo but the rapper is alleged to have taken shots at Hyuna! Whether the alleged disses happened or not, its impact had KPOP lit!


The misconception that Soyeon is somehow not beautiful needs to die, like now. This look takes the urgency for that pretense to vanish, to a whole another level. Even with generational visuals like Miyeon, if she isn't breathtaking, I must already be in heaven.


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