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  • Haein Kim

7 Best Kpop x Designer House Ambassadors

Match made in fashion heaven.

The influence KPOP artists have had made them a crucial part of marketing for designer brands. The right brand ambassadors can bring a tremendous amount of attention to the brand. Likewise a house ambassadorship with a leading design house can propel a Kpop Artists' career. The following artist x fashion house collaborations are known to be the most successful and have been praised as matches made in design heaven.

7. Kim Woobin x Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced Kim Woo Bin as a 'Friend of the Maison' in 2021. The venerable luxury Swiss watch company was established in 1883, and although not well known as Rolex it is often more well regarded within luxury timepiece circles. The brand could not have find a better ambassador than Kim Woo Bin whose elegance and impeccable reputation transcends the screen and is well known in Korea of being a gentleman's gentleman.

6. Shin Min Ah x Cartier

The long standing relationship Cartier has with Shin Min Ah is legendary in the industry. First chosen as house ambassador in 2017, the actress and Cartier's love affair has been in the forefront of luxury in Korea ever since.

5. BTS x Louis Vuitton

The BTS x Louis Vuitton partnership was monumental in so many levels. The fact that Virgil Abloh himself advocated for the group, and also the fact the group were chosen to introduce the 2021 FW line for the brand should not be lost on anyone.

4. Jisoo x Dior

Known as the 'Human Dior', Jisoo is well known for being adored by Dior with, an interaction with Dior CEO, Pietro Beccari, going viral. Jisoo embodies the elegance of Christian Dior like perfectly and we can't see anyone else who would be a better fit.

3. Kai x Gucci

Kai and Gucci's partnership goes back to 2019. The brand loved Kai so much that in 2021, the fashion brand released a Kai x Gucci collection. The capsule featuring teddy bears made Kai the only Korean celebrity to have collaborated on a collection with the brand.

2. GDragon x Chanel

G Dragon has been one of the most well known House Ambassadors for Chanel since 2017. Maybe more significant, GD was also known as a muse for Karl Lagerfeld himself, and the two had a friendship that the whole industry admired.

1. Jennie x Chanel

Jennie is known as the 'Human Chanel' for a very good reason. The BlackPink star exudes Chanel, embodies it in a way no other celebrity can, recently headlining Chanel's CoCo 'Neige' campaign. In Korea, Chanel has become synonymous with Jennie and Jennie with the brand, hence her moniker.


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