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  • Haein Kim

1 Night 2 Days' Viewer Boards Are Demanding Kim Seon Ho Return

One post had over 30K likes!

1 Night 2 Days, one of Korea's most beloved shows' viewer community board is being bombarded with hundreds of posts demanding that Kim Seon Ho not be edited out and that he be let back in. Of these posts, one had a whopping 30K likes.

The show has yet to make a U-turn on their original stance of cutting ties with Kim however, as viewers are saying due the show is probably being extra careful due to what happened with none other than, Jung Joon Young. During Jung Joon Young, illegal sex filled scandal, 1 Night 2 Days had originally stood by Jung and continued filming with him. However as the scandal grew and his guilt more obvious, the show had to throw out an entire season because they couldn't edit him out.

This, K-netizens, are saying is the reason why 1 Night 2 Days have yet to fully embrace Kim's return. What do you guys think, will Kim return to his beloved show?


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